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29th Apr 2020, 8:00 PM


Ch 1 pg 14


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“Small delay on the next couple pages.”

As the title says. My road test is coming up on the 9th, and I just barely failed the mock-test my instructor had me do yesterday... It's all small stuff like a wide left turn, or missing the exit to a school zone, stuff like that. Things that get better with time.

Practice makes perfect, and that's what I'm doing this week - lots of practice! Every day, hopefully. But until then, I won't be able to sit down and draw until... Next Tuesday, probably? Something like that. I have the linework done for this coming page, so if I get the colouring done within the next couple days it should be up as scheduled. But the 11th will definitely be delayed, possibly until next week.

Sorry for the delays, I hope you all have fantastic weeks~!